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Can we say "past life readings"? p1

Yeah. P1. I'm sure there'll be more to post later.

Ok, so talking to this guy who reads other's past lives, and this is what I got from him:

I was called Aquitral while I was in a chior. I was apparently pushed for "backing the wrong horse". ... Frickin morons for standing up for unjust bullshit.
He was called Ashric - the person telling me this.

I was one of two female Berserkers, and held high rank at Odin's table. ... Didn't like to fight much, but piss me off, and you were dead. Always thought Odin was pretty cool.

I was a high priestess of Anubis, who later took an earthly form to marry me. ... I like Anubis. *smirks*

I praised Hera, and was given more blessings then any other followers. ...

I betrayed Joan of Arc, and she killed me for it. ... Stupid bitch got too full of herself and someone had to point out how she was misusing her influence and power. I laughed in her face as she killed me. That pissed her off even more.

I beat the crap out of Ashric in the Sun camp in China. ... I like certain weapons.

He was a defecting Red Coat, I was a surgeon, who later, like Molly Pitcher, had to pick up a rifle to defend myself, ten confirmed kills, and one general, at some 300 meters, give or take. Took him right above the left eye
Was killed six months before the end of the war, hung by the reds, for war crimes. ... this does not jive with my memory of being a hidden part of the cause against the britts.

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