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I have believed in reincarnation since I was nineteen. I developed the belief from having two dreams where I witnessed the tragic deaths of two women through their eyes. The dreams felt so real that after "I" died in the dream, I would have to throw myself out of sleep forcefully because my body began to feel weird. That feeling gave me the impression that I would die in my sleep if I didn't wake up soon.

The first dream happened when I was nineteen. From the impression I felt from the dream, I was a peasant woman living in 1880 London. "I" was on my way home from the market, and I had taken a short cut through the ally. "I" had witness a upper middle class woman getting ambushed by two men in top hats, dingy long-sleeve white shirts, vests, and black slacks. One of them held her hands in front of her while another one slit her throat. I had gotten the impression in the dream that they were going to kill her first, and steal from her. They had caught "me" witnessing their heinous act. One of them approached "me", and slashed me with the knife. I got the impression in the dream that my throat had been slashed, but I didn't feel that choking sensation. However, a blackness overcame me as "I" began to die in the dream. That's when I got that already mentioned weird feeling that I better wake up, or I'll die in my sleep.

The second dream happened several months later after the first dream. Again, I was a peasant woman. This time I was in small town in 1840 France. I even got to see what I looked like when I peered into a fountain. I had long, curly black hair and green eyes. I had been wearing a shift and looked deathly pale. I was crawling around town. I don't know why. All I know was that there wasn't anyone in sight. I felt horrible. I was burning up with a fever (which felt worse than anything I ever exerpienced in this life). I had felt chills occassionally wrack my body. It was very hard to breath. Every now and then, I would cough up this sticky black substance that tasted horrible and it burned whenever it came up. It reeked too. I had crawled to the stairs in the town square, laid down, and felt the life go out of her as she died. As blackness over came me, that's when I felt that weird feeling I mentioned earlier that I better wake up.

I personally believe that some dreams are a way for a soul to communicate it's memories from the lives it had in the past, especially if they weren't pleasant. I also believe that some people who have some fears stem from fears that a soul has developed from something unfortunate it went through in a past life and is trying to protect the current life from going through the same thing.
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