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Senneferet Intro

Hello everyone! I'm Senneferet (that's my Kemetic faith name given to me by the Egyptian gods). I've had many dreams from childhood up until only a week ago. I've never been regressed but I get the feeling I have been the following:

- An ancient Egyptian. Not a pharaoh or anything special
- A red haired, plae skinned Roman lady in about 92BC. She knew someone called Apollinus.
- Someone wounded in a battle at a castle. This set of dreams was very vivid in my teens and I even wrote a poem about it. I can describe the castle but have never been able to find it. I think I was a lady having an affair with a peasant. I think the affair may have even started the battle. I got shot by an arrow in the back running to save my lover
- World War 2 soldier. Again very clear dream about this. It was night and the battle was raging all around me. A bomb went off and the force sent me flying through the air and skidding along the mud. I died shortly after that.
- I have a huge fear of Victorian factories and the Inustrial Revolution. I have no idea why but I can't stand to be near it all. I think this may link to my fear of being crushed. As a child I could never go near large trees or buildings in case they fell on me.
- Finally, my mum says I used to talk about my other mother. She wont elaborate but apparently I even drew pictures.

Looking forward to chatting with you all x
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