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Past Lives' Journal

5th March, 2010. 2:52 pm. Readings(classicalfan102)

How many of you worked with a pendulum to find a past life? Did you ever think you were or knew somebody famous?

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21st February, 2010. 10:03 am. A Past Lives Questionaire(ladyofshalott06)

It's short and fun. :) Please take part!

1. How did you come to believe in reincarnation?

2. Do you have strong feelings about certain time periods? What are they?

3. Do you have strong feelings about certain locations? What are they?

4. Do you have other triggers for past life memories or feelings, such as music, types of weather, etc?

5. Do you recognize anyone from your current life as having been in a past life with you?

6. Do you have/have you had any irrational fears that you believe could be connected to a past life?

7. Do you have knowledge or talent that you shouldn't?

8. Do you have any memory of being between lives? What was that like?

9. Do you have any past life memories? How did you discover them? (flashback, meditation, regression, etc.)

10. What lives do you think you have had?

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19th February, 2010. 3:01 am. Add me? :)(adayinthelife37)

Hello everyone! I would love to add some friends from this community because I am very interested in the subject of past lives and would love to chat with anyone who is willing to share their experiences. Recently I have been meditating and getting glimpses of a man in 18th century clothing (I'm a female). How many of you had past lives where you had to experience the opposite sex? What time period attracts you? Do you like to dress from that certain lifetime?

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9th August, 2009. 9:51 am. Newbie here!(ladyofshalott06)

Hi everyone,

I'm Caroline. I'm a 21-year-old college student from Texas. I've been interested in and fascinated by the idea of past lives as long as I can remember. However, about a year or so ago I finally got spurred on to look into it a little deeper. A couple of things happened to propel me in this direction.

1. My boyfriend's mother's stories.

First she talked of when he was a child and told her about his past life. He had told her the story of when he had lived before as a roofer and even told her about his death. She doesn't remember the entire story anymore, but she says that he talked about things he couldn't possibly know. Later on, she, as a non-believer, got a regression as part of a pain management program and it worked, scaring her so much that she didn't go back. She has proof staring her in the face, but is not ready to accept it.

2. My trip to Scotland.

Scotland is a place I've felt drawn to ever since I read a book about it as a child. I had never given it a second thought before, but after reading the book, something clicked with me. I started to read about it as much as possible. A year ago I got the opportunity to visit. I've never been as happy as I was driving around the highlands. The tour guide was singing traditional Scottish songs. Ever since then I have listened to that sort of music. It was all very strange, but it felt right to be there. My boyfriend even pointed out how happy I looked. I can't wait to go back someday.

Since then I've been doing more research on it. I watched a documentary (The Boy Who Lived Before), and joined a forum (on childpastlives.org). I would love to do a regression one of these days.

Anyways, I wanted to say hello. I have just really started posting in my LJ even though I've been on here since 2006, but I would love to make some friends! :)

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9th August, 2009. 10:25 pm. Another Newbie(cheech47)

Hi folks,

My name's cheech, and I've just joined LJ, and you guys.

My Journal <
cheech47.livejournal.com/> is only just off the ground, but I'm sure that many of you may eventually find something of interest there, so please check it out, and come back for updates.

There is much that I feel I could share in your context - my library is quite extensive, and my research is never-ending, and my greatest pleasure is in sharing my smatterings of knowledge.

I look forward to surfing your site, sharing my impressions and maybe even corresponding.


Current mood: optimistic.

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6th August, 2009. 11:22 pm.(bellediablerie)

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I've always been interested in past lives but am not as educated on the subject as I would like to be. But after reading in a friends journal about past life regression, I decided to research it a little and found this community. After reading a few entries, I decided to look up 'past life regression' on YouTube. And while it may not be the most reliable, I decided to try one of the videos. Maybe it was all fantasy and holds no truth, but this is what I got out of the experience.

First it told me to remember a time when I was an infant in this life. I could vividly remember being breastfed as a baby at this point, right down to my mother's hairstyle, clothing, and glasses. I could feel the sensations and everything.

Then when finally told to delve into a past life, I could remember being in a forest on the outskirts of a town. It was a small village, and in the not so far off distance I could see a large town with huge building. The streets were cobblestone, and a river separated the village and the town but they were connected by a bridge. I was barefoot and wearing only a silk nightgown. I was very pale and had long, black hair. When I was told to go later into that life, I could remember being outside in the bigger town and dancing outside of a shop with a blonde male. He was thin and pale, and in a regal outfit. His jacket was blue and his pants white. I was in a full gown with a tight corset-like bodice, and it was white and lavender. I knew I was in love with this man, or falling in love with him. At the end of my 'vision,' I was being dragged away from this man. Literally dragged through the door of our home. I was clawing at the door way trying to escape from my captors, and screaming, but didn't get away. And that is where it all ended. I cannot tell exactly when this was, but I am almost sure it was in England.

I would like any opinons, thoughts, recommendations on how to uncover more of these memories, anything would be extremely helpful right now! I just wanted to share this, as it felt pretty amazing, and would like to discuss these things with whoever! Thank you very much. =]

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20th July, 2009. 9:53 pm. Senneferet Intro(weesieweasel)

Hello everyone! I'm Senneferet (that's my Kemetic faith name given to me by the Egyptian gods). I've had many dreams from childhood up until only a week ago. I've never been regressed but I get the feeling I have been the following:

- An ancient Egyptian. Not a pharaoh or anything special
- A red haired, plae skinned Roman lady in about 92BC. She knew someone called Apollinus.
- Someone wounded in a battle at a castle. This set of dreams was very vivid in my teens and I even wrote a poem about it. I can describe the castle but have never been able to find it. I think I was a lady having an affair with a peasant. I think the affair may have even started the battle. I got shot by an arrow in the back running to save my lover
- World War 2 soldier. Again very clear dream about this. It was night and the battle was raging all around me. A bomb went off and the force sent me flying through the air and skidding along the mud. I died shortly after that.
- I have a huge fear of Victorian factories and the Inustrial Revolution. I have no idea why but I can't stand to be near it all. I think this may link to my fear of being crushed. As a child I could never go near large trees or buildings in case they fell on me.
- Finally, my mum says I used to talk about my other mother. She wont elaborate but apparently I even drew pictures.

Looking forward to chatting with you all x

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6th July, 2009. 11:31 am. Newbie here(lynn82md)

I have believed in reincarnation since I was nineteen. I developed the belief from having two dreams where I witnessed the tragic deaths of two women through their eyes. The dreams felt so real that after "I" died in the dream, I would have to throw myself out of sleep forcefully because my body began to feel weird. That feeling gave me the impression that I would die in my sleep if I didn't wake up soon.

Dream One: Warning...may be a bit violentCollapse )

Dream Two: Warning...may be a tad bit grossCollapse )

I personally believe that some dreams are a way for a soul to communicate it's memories from the lives it had in the past, especially if they weren't pleasant. I also believe that some people who have some fears stem from fears that a soul has developed from something unfortunate it went through in a past life and is trying to protect the current life from going through the same thing.

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26th June, 2009. 9:28 pm.(oxygentoxicity)

Hello, I'm a bit nervous posting here because I've never really talked about this openly before (if at all). Excuse me if my thoughts are a bit jumbled.

I get these dreams sometimes. I am always in my early adolsecence regardless; and I was in a valley where stone houses were built on the hills. I felt like I was home there, in fact, waking up was very jarring.

When I was 17 my father took me on a road trip along the west coast. We were driving through the Snowdonia National Park, when I saw the same hill from my dream, the exact one down to the number of houses on the hill.

The entire experience around Northwest Wales and its towns gave me this really weird feeling. I felt so... comfortable and connected there.

There are many other factors that make me wonder if I've got some sort of connection there that goes beyond the tangible. I'm admittedly a newbie when it comes to spirituality in some cases- I don't know how I would investigate this further.

I would vastly appreciate any insight, advice, or anything. I've always been very interested in reincarnation but I've no idea where to start.

Current mood: contemplative.

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14th May, 2009. 11:50 pm. Can we say "past life readings"? p1(hhaghwir)

Yeah. P1. I'm sure there'll be more to post later.

Ok, so talking to this guy who reads other's past lives, and this is what I got from him:
Interesting Pasts...Collapse )

Current mood: amused.

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