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Another Newbie

Hi folks,

My name's cheech, and I've just joined LJ, and you guys.

My Journal <> is only just off the ground, but I'm sure that many of you may eventually find something of interest there, so please check it out, and come back for updates.

There is much that I feel I could share in your context - my library is quite extensive, and my research is never-ending, and my greatest pleasure is in sharing my smatterings of knowledge.

I look forward to surfing your site, sharing my impressions and maybe even corresponding.


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Hello! My name is Arianne (or FROUDGOBLIN in the strange and forbidding world of the internet) and I think you seem pretty interesting so I am going to add you as a livejournal friend.

I hope this is okay and does not deeply offend you or anything.

Hi there, Arrianne FROUDGOBLIN, and thanks for the honour. I will be pleased to add you to my friends list (add you too? you're THE FIRST!!!) but not to bid you adieu ... errr, I think I lost it there for a moment (I can't help playing with words, they're such helpless things, aren't they?).

I had a very brief surf thru your site, and I'm honoured to join you . . . I'm looking forward to diving in a bit deeper.

Talking of words, yours are pretty cool . . . I like your free style and your fresh approach . . . probably more readable and interesting than mine, but then it'll probably become a bit looser as I become more used to the medium and take me finger outta me bum and meself a bit less seriously . . . errr.

I'm presently trying to understand the LJ filtering system, as I don't know if I want to fill others friends pages with all my ramblings, which will probably be all over the place . . . I'm sure to offend someone, with my track record. I have studied I.T., so I should know what I'm doing, but sometimes I ain't too sure <:( Chiz, cheech