ladyofshalott06 (ladyofshalott06) wrote in pastlives,

A Past Lives Questionaire

It's short and fun. :) Please take part!

1. How did you come to believe in reincarnation?

2. Do you have strong feelings about certain time periods? What are they?

3. Do you have strong feelings about certain locations? What are they?

4. Do you have other triggers for past life memories or feelings, such as music, types of weather, etc?

5. Do you recognize anyone from your current life as having been in a past life with you?

6. Do you have/have you had any irrational fears that you believe could be connected to a past life?

7. Do you have knowledge or talent that you shouldn't?

8. Do you have any memory of being between lives? What was that like?

9. Do you have any past life memories? How did you discover them? (flashback, meditation, regression, etc.)

10. What lives do you think you have had?
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